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In the current 4.0 time, Technology is changing the way buildings and infrastructure is designed, built and operated. Catching that trend, Dang Viet quickly updated, using the latest techniques in the design & construction of M&E projects. Typically, applying BIM model - REVIT MEP in planning, design, and construction of light electricity - electricity systems, water supply, and drainage systems; Fire protection; air conditioning - ventilation.

And to improve the level of application of BIM technology, Dang Viet has organized the B.I.M training course with the participation of all MEP Engineers of the Company. The training program is continuously extended for 4 months by experts BIM-Revit has long experience in design & construction.

The application of the BIM model - REVIT MEP has the following effects:

- High accuracy: With the use of BIM, once the information is set up correctly, construction will become faster, more accurate, and lower cost for investors.

- Save time and cost: BIM offers a more accurate view when estimating investment and cost ranges, all models on BIM are in-depth and very accurate. Minimize costs and working time with consistent data management, avoid loss of storage and document management. BIM jobs provided by Revit MEP are not only dark Multipurpose productivity but also helps streamline design and workflow documentation. This helps Dang Viet always ensure the time to complete the items.

- Risk mitigation: 3D model in BIM brings full elements of a real project to easily detect conflicts between components in the construction, limiting the arising when construction, minimizing errors. Revit MEP is used to streamline engineering design processes using a single model to enhance the communication of design intent before construction begins. This will help stakeholders to make more informed and accurate design decisions that not only reduce the time taken to complete a project but also have a significant impact on performance. overall construction.

Regularly updating and training new techniques for MEP engineers, has been and will help Dang Viet meet the increasing demands of customers.