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Dang Viet become an officer member of the Vietnam Green Building Council

Dang Viet joined the Vietnam Green Building Council

One of Dang Viet's development strategies is to bring green standards in modern construction design to apply in projects that Dang Viet is designing and constructing.

To achieve this step by step, Dang Viet joined the Vietnam Green Building Council from January 2019. With important advantages such as efficient resource use, reduced operating costs, reduced environmental impacts while ensuring user comfort, green buildings have become a trend of development. inevitable in Vietnam as well as in the world today.

Participation in Vietnam Green Building Council helps Dang Viet to update knowledge from experts to get optimal solutions when implementing projects on building M&E systems more effectively. reduce operating costs, save fuel, environmentally friendly & increase the value of the project.

Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) is a project of Green City Fund (GCF), an international non-profit organization based in California, USA. VGBC was established in 2007 in Vietnam with the goal of raising awareness and building green building capacity for Vietnam. VGBC was officially recognized by the Ministry of Construction of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in March 2009 and participated in the establishment of the Asia-Pacific WGBC Network in September 2009.